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The Team at Miracle In Me 3D, LLC


Amy Trimm

Owner, Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Meet Amy, Owner of Miracle In Me 3D LLC and Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer. 
A lover of anything photography or outdoors, it was about 7 years ago that she had a dream of starting her own 3D Ultrasound Imaging business and it is now that she’s finally made those dreams into a reality. 
She graduated in June 2012 from CCC&TI with honors in the Medical Sonography AAS program. She has worked in the hospital setting for more than 10 years and also in OB/GYNs for 9 years. It was during that time that she has found an even deeper love for fetal ultrasound. 
On fetal ultrasounds not only do they scan a patient’s child for anomalies, checking everything from baby’s head to their toes…but there’s a deeper bond there between mother/parents and child. These are the happy ultrasounds- the ones every parent looks forward to. It makes your heart happy just seeing your baby moving on the screen and hearing your baby’s amazing little heart beating. God created this perfect little miracle… and you get to watch your little miracle grow and move right in front of your eyes. 
It was because of these happy moments, the ones that light up parents’ worlds- the moments that we live for, that made Amy want to focus more on fetal ultrasounds every day. 
In her 3D/4D Ultrasound practice, Miracle in Me 3D LLC, she will be providing elective ultrasound imaging on babies for entertainment/photographic purposes only. Nothing diagnostic; diagnostic will come from your OB/GYN office. These elective ultrasounds are “bonus” ultrasounds, ones that just give you a little extra peace of mind and make your smile a little brighter. 
Are there times when you want your mother or family member or close friend to join you at your regular OB ultrasound, but the hours just don’t fit their schedule or the OB office doesn’t allow extra people in the room? Are there days when you’re having a bad day or you’re not feeling your baby kick as much as usual and you just want to hear the heartbeat to give you a little extra peace of mind and brighten your day? Do you want more ultrasounds of your baby during pregnancy than the one or two that are provided, just to be able to have more pictures and watch your baby grow throughout pregnancy? Do you want to record or take pics of the ultrasound in real-time as it’s happening, for documentation and memory purposes? If so, then these are the perfect ultrasound visits for you. 
Amy has created a website at where you can conveniently select which package best fits your needs and book your appt online.
Miracle In Me 3D LLC is the only 3D/4D Ultrasound Imaging facility like this in Burke County. That means that you no longer have to travel an hour and plan a day to get this type of imaging done anymore. 

This business is an asset to our community and they look forward to serving you for many years to come. Support small business and book your ultrasound or rent a bike today. Appointments are limited. 

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